Best Of Me MV Still.png

Fast-rising French duo Picard Brothers have dropped the official video for their latest single ‘Best Of Me’, out now.

Channelling a whimsical, playful aesthetic, the official video for ‘Best Of Me’ centres around the exploits of a troupe of fun-loving cuddly bears, as they embark on a riotous, Project X-style house party. It was directed by Jay Christensen, a viral videographer best known for his bowling alley one-take drone video.

Speaking about the production of the video, Jay Christensen and production company Rally explain “Creating this video was an insane experience. Everything you saw from pre-production to the final shot was completed in two weeks. We were hooked on the song from the first moment we heard it. It really inspired us to go a route where the visuals would match the flow and energy. Per usual, Jay Christiansen put on a show with his drone and lived up to his already impressive reputation. Shout out to the Picard Brothers and crew for believing in the process and inviting us to collab on such a top tier song.”

Released in August, Picard Brothers previously described ‘Best Of Me’ as their “favourite track”, adding that it “compiles all the stuff that we love from the French house sound but it’s our very own modern take on that sound.” It followed ‘Blessing In This House’, an acclaimed single that saw the pair tap into their trademark stripped-back house sound, and their remix of ‘Let Me Speak’ by Myd.

First cutting their teeth making beats for French rappers, the Parisian duo would later write and produce tracks for the likes of Beyonce, Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus, also winning a Grammy for their contribution to ‘Electricity’ by Dua Lipa and Silk City. Their recount output follows a rich lineage of French dance music that can be traced back to Daft Punk, Laurent Garnier and Stardust, but rather than offering a cheap imitation, the Picard Brothers have reimagined and revitalised classic sounds in a way that connects with the masses. “We think we owe it to a past era,” they explain. “But it’s not a basic tribute – it’s combined with another thing: feeling”.

Armed with an unlimited supply of feelgood energy, the official video for ‘Best Of Me’ is a perfect match for the vibe of the track.

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