PHCK has just released ‘Essential Return,’ the second single off its upcoming album, ‘More Than A Machine,’ which drops via All Day I Dream on September 27.

The German trio articulates raw emotion with a melancholic melody on ‘Essential Return.’ The track’s slow burning build is met with evocative vocals and warm synths that transcend the listener into a state of mysticism. 

Composed of classically trained musicians, PHCK unites traditional obscure techniques with modern electronic production. What results are delicate soundscapes that channel a deep visceral sensitivity within.  

Aligning with the emotive ethos and deep house rhythm of All Day I Dream, PHCK has found a fitting abode for its first album. The 12-track LP is an experience, inviting listeners to connect with feelings the record awakens. 

“Music is feeling. We always wanted to do something universal. Something to which everyone can invent their own story.”

While the All Day I Dream series is still making its way around the globe, audiences will be sure to have an intimate listening experience of ‘More Than A Machine’ at the upcoming dates

You can stream ‘Essential Return’ here.