German trio PHCK has just released their debut album, More Than A Machine, on All Day I Dream. 

The 12-track LP is a composition of celestial soundscapes which warmly invites you to drift off into another realm. Taking a more delicate approach to electronic music, More Than A Machine humanizes analog synths through evocative vocals. Gentle steel drums and other acoustic instrumentation are intricately woven into euphoric melodies. 

This record is a twinkling embodiment of the All Day I Dream ethos, as PHCK creates an aural experience that nurtures human emotion. While tracks like ‘Essential Return’ and ‘Harps’ toil with melancholic vibes, ‘Head Above Water’ and ‘Heaven’s Gate’ radiate blissful sensations. 

“Music is feeling. We always wanted to do something universal. Something to which everyone can invent their own story” – PHCK

With classical training and electronic mastery, the group has combined two cultures to curate melodic expressions that vibrate the soul. 

To indulge yourself in an afternoon of daydreaming, stream More Than A Machine here