“Who are PEZNT?” one might ask. The Croatian duo are “DJ’s producers” in a sense; their penchant for crafting ear-grabbing house tunes have led to their work being charted and rinsed by their peers across the globe. Look in any tech house DJs recent charts, and it’s likely a PEZNT track will be found.

Such will likely be the case with the newest addition to their repertoire, “Breakfast.” Released through the adored American mainstay DIRTYBIRD, the piece is filled with cheeky innuendos by Born I Music around what scientists have noted is “the most important meal of the day.” Equally notable is its high-charged foundation, a tech house jubilee of bouncy percussion and classic, grooving basslines. The track is certainly out of the ordinary, and it’s precisely why DIRTYBIRD owner Claude VonStroke decided to bring PEZNT into his flock after the track was well-received by fans of the label. “Breakfast” also comes with a ghetto house twist, courtesy of Jesse Perez.