A powerhouse in the Croatian scene, the seasoned producer Petar Dondov has been excelling in the underground music industry for two decades. His latest album At the Turn of the Equilibrium  is stouthearted and suave. Released on Music Man Records Dundov says “Expect the story of life as a self-reinforcing structure that never reaches the perfect balance. The concept behind the album is to bring awareness that the balance is an illusion and that’s why it’s called At The Turn Of Equilibrium”.

Through the journey of this 8 track album it’s an experience of layers of music, related to the various layers we go through in life. The tracks are meant to expand your mind and provoke new inspirations or re-live amazing memories. As it kicks off with “Then Life” which has a feel of floating through dreams featuring a beautiful melodic flute that overrides piano key tones and synth bops. Have some patience with “The Lattice” and it’s like three-dimensional colors of music molecules that are defined by indelible beat.  Then recently, we bring in a remix of “The Lattice” by Frank Wiedemann, Germanys ​​Âme and Howling, famed dj/producer, which ads some spice and gives it an intricate weave of more upbeat synths and pops. Adding a little house feel into the mix with “Before It All Ends” that grows with a delightful classical piano adding laser sounds, a beautiful chorus and more to create a stylistic piece of music. “Midnight Orchestra” is light and majestic with the nostalgia of Kraftwerk sounds interweaved in. Shake, rattle, and roll with “Mist” as it drizzles with an 80’s feel of sound on top of new age wave and spot on kicks.  “New Hope” along with “Missing You” (not to say the rest of the album doesn’t) brings out emotion through music and you can really feel the immense passion behind the production. To close it out we have “Everlasting Love” because the music is a love that is everlasting and there is no love that can compare to the feelings that these sounds bring into our hearts as we transform ourselves through this magical production.


Artist: Petar Dundov, Frank Wiedemann
Original Release Date:
Remix Release Date:2016-06-17
Label: Music Man Records
Label:Catalog No: MMCD042D

Petar Dundov – At the Turn of the Equilibrium
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Becky Nutt
Contributing Editor