Named after the boat crew in the movie Apocalypse Now, the ‘Rock and Rollers with one foot in their grave’, PBR Streetgang lives up to that rock and roll reputation with a brand new release off of 20/20 Vision.

Whiplash ’ is about as accurately named as a track can get, due to the fact that you will be experiencing severe neck pains after bobbing your head to this one. Ripping through your brain with its throbbing bassline and subtle changes in dynamic, the track kicks things off with a bang. ‘Return to Page One’ turns back the clock with a more retro take on house, slapping through some very 80’s-esque synths and wispy high hats. Tuff City Kids have their hand at two separate remixes, spicing things up with their own unique flavor and theme. The Disco mix has some fun with the track, lightening the mood with striking piano hits and howling looped vocals, while the Electro mix gets a little grittier with its crackling bass tones that immediately turn the lights out on the previous disco ball.


ARTIST: Tuff City KidsPBR Streetgang
RELEASE DATE: 2015-08-03
LABEL: 20/20 Vision

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