[New Releases]  Paul Mad is an producer you need to know about if you haven’t heard of him already.  He has been around for some time now, but only recently has he big making big waves with his latest releases.  This latest EP, out now of Sintope Digital, is another powerful addition to his increasing momentum and it features three brand-spanking new originals that are sure to please your ear drums and get your body grooving.

‘Chance’ is a beautifully emotive track with tons of groove and alluring vocals, making it simply sublime to listen to.  ‘Hard Times’ is a behemoth of a track, with its huge rolling bass line, funky vocals, and crisp percussion.  This track is perfect anytime and is one that will certainly get the crowd moving.  ‘My Drug’ is a delightful, deep track with magnificent vocals and is a lovely close to this amazing EP.

Another great display of talent from Paul Mad, and a great addition to Sintope’s catalog, Chance is a great secret weapon for DJs.  Paul Mad has become a go-to for when I need to play something to rock the crowd.


Artist:  Paul Mad
Title:  Chance EP
Label:  Sintope Digital
Catalog No.:  SNTP057

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