[Party / Interview] For the past few years, the Air London party (A Night in the Air) has marked the start of Conference during Miami Music Week. It is one of those essential events that Miami Music Week is simply not complete without. The lineup this year is certainly one to boast about and the location, well, the location is at the infamous Electric Pickle. If you are new to Miami, then you will quickly find that some of the best parties that occur year round (and at MMW), happen at The Electric Pickle. Below, you can read what Matt Tolfrey, one of the headliners from the Air London event, has to say about the party.

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Location: The Electric Pickle

Date: Tuesday, March 20th 2012




Line Up

Elon – Gavin Herlihy – Geddes – Jaen Paniagua – Jordan Peak – Kate Simko

Laura Jones – MANIK – Matt Tolfrey – Nitin – Sam Russo – Simon Baker

Tim Green

Interview with Matt Tolfrey:


Tell us a little about the Air London party and how you got involved?

I am on the Air London agency and this is one of our showcases that we throw out there from time to time.  I love doing these as it shows a togetherness, a family feeling of what music we are offering.


What makes this party such a special event for Miami’s Music Week?

It’s a great chance for us to showcase what we are doing week in and week out. Most of our djs and live acts are based in Europe so it is always exciting to bring our European sound with us to Miami.


What is it about the Electric Pickle that attracts so many great parties and DJs?

The Pickle just got it right early on, they set a standard, and they stuck to their morals.  Good dj’s, good parties, and not over crowding the place.  Miami would not be the same without the Pickle, it shows that alot of hard work and focus can really pay off.


Are there any artists you are particularly excited to play with at the Air London party?

It is Sam Russo’s first time in Miami, and it will be his first time playing at the Pickle.  He has become part of the Fabric family, and we all know what kind of dj’s they support   I played at the Air London party last year, it was busy and alot of fun, and I attended the party the year before as a punter, and also had a great time, so I am really looking forward to it.  It’s a perfect start to a week of exciting, forward thinking music that really sets up the Summer vibe for 2012.


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