For anything to last 14 years is a testament to its mission, for something to thrive and flourish for 14 years is a testament to its foundation & the people that embody it. Pink Mammoth was born out of the love for music, dance and personal expression. It grew into a family that both produced the parties & the art that filled them, while growing together as friends and community.  The events, the vibe, the music, it’s all equal in their eyes. It has grown into a loving life force & powerful positive movement of its own that continues to evolve with each new soul that comes & helps to shape it.

Founders Ryel Kestano and Derek Hena, took the inspiration for a day-time shaded party in the desert along with signature color, from a camp they played at called, appropriately, Pinkies.  Driven and built by community, now 14 years later, you can find Pink Mammoth creating their unforgettable peak experiences in many locations outside of Black Rock City. They believe that public art in all forms calls the seeker into transformation and aim to create, participate, and cultivate this in one another and the world through the many events they produce and support.

14 Shades of Pink, taking place at Le Jardin, is a celebration of that journey, of all the late nights and early mornings, dusty and otherwise, that have been built by this family.  And, it’s more than that, it’s a place to play, to dance your dreams and your heartache, it’s a place to interact with soulful music and creative hearts, and it’s a fundraiser for Pink Mammoth’s main event ~ the big party on the dusty ground at Burning Man.

Event Details:
14 Shades of Pink – Pink Mammoth 14 Year Anniversary
Saturday, March 17th at Le Jardin
Sunny daytime to late night celebration (2PM – 2AM)


The soundtrack to the day will undoubtedly be something special with the LA live debut from the revered talent of Tim Green, who recently finished his much anticipated debut live album. If you’ve ever been lucky enough to catch one of Green’s DJ sets you know this special live set is something you will not want to miss.

Setting the live vibe will be a live set from Pink Mammoth favorite Lonely Boy, who always gets the groove seriously going with his guitar.  The energy will also be set with the sound stylings of Nico Stojan, local LA legend Marques Wyatt, Naira Hart, Lushbunny, and our renowned Pink Mammoth residents Zach Walker, Derek Hena, Gravity, and Jonathan Will.