Osunlade is a spiritual musician.  St. Louis born, raised on soulful keys, his vast musical journey led him through the house scene onto the Grecian isles for some ambient solitude, inspiring a varied and uplifting full length, A Man With No Past Originating The Future, released on his own Yoruba Records last summer.   Now, some of the finest producers are interpreting his engaging pieces-this week with the breezy slow jam “Human Beings.”

Classic Music Company co-founder Luke Solomon takes the cosmic-groove approach blending through Isolee’s patient vocal edit that preserves the tranquility of the original. I am in love with Atjazz’s swaying rhythm and cannot resist Rafael Moraes’s deep, island tones that seem to melt through the echoing lyrics.

An authentically creative package with this one, show some love and take a dip in these profound, musical pools-full streams below <3

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Artist: Osunlade, Luke Solomon, Isolee, Atjazz, Rafael Moraes
Title: Human Beings Remixes
Label: Yoruba Records
Release Date: January 13th, 2014
Catalogue #: YSD60D