Igloo-Rec sets the mood for a deep and moving experience with Öona Dahl’s “Indigo Child” release which is appropriately described as “a deep affair that travels through Aurora Borealis, sunrises, and magical wonderlands”. The title track is slow moving and haunting with plucking synth accents and harmonies that compliment vocal stretches and a sweet sounding pad arrangement. Newcomer Jeannot offers her take on the track with a driving bassline and many subtle percussion accents under a soft bell toned melody. The other tracks that span this work move through the gambit of melodic sound from the more upbeat “Letchworth” and “Aurora Sunrise” to the more pumping yet beautiful sound of “Sequins” and finally “Ozma” which plays as an excellent opener or DJ tool complete with haunting strings and sweet vocal stabs.

Release Date: 2015-5-18
Labels: Igloo-Rec
Catalog: ID043