Amsterdam-based producer, ONNO makes a comeback to Berlin’s Upon.You Records with his latest EP, “Elevate”. ONNO with his creative use of no fucks given fuses techno, house, and hip-hop into his grainy style of production.

Leading us into the EP, we have “Elevate Men” in which ONNO delivers up an enticing sound of dark vocals, pounding percussions, and an overall rougher side of Tech-House sounds. “Freak Now” is a wonderful dance floor summoner, stripping down techno, playing with voice manipulations, and robotic noises; a true quality sound kept simple for the ears. Last but definitely not least, we have the talented Wouter De Moor jumping on to remix “Freak Now”. His additions of deeper, darker, but melodic techno twists and turns, takes the original just the perfect step further.


Artists: Wouter De Moor, ONNO
Release Date: 2016-6-16
Label: Upon.You Records
Catalog: UY107

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Ana Martinez
Contributing Editor