Oliver Nickels returns with Railtown, a three track EP inspired by Tokyo with its looping, relentless train lines (and fuelled by the darkest espresso Oliver can lay his hands on). The three tracks share a dreamy forward momentum, echoing soundscapes built to take listeners on a journey. Railtown, the darkest and toughest of the three, is anchored by a hypnotic bassline, with layers of fluttering synths evolving over the course of its 8 minutes. Attitude Adjustment is a workout for the underground crowds, inspired by Tokyo’s legendary club Womb’s deep room on the fourth floor. Vintage analogue synths and a 1974 Roland Space Echo create spiralling chords, twisting around a minimalist house beat, a weirdly psychoanalytic vocal, and a grooving sub bass extending into the depths. Tokyo Weather Girls, lush and spaciously layered, is created for those big late night floors, all analog synths and punchy, urgent drums and sparse percussion. Building in energy gradually, this track reaches a peak with the cry “Good morning Tokyo!” from the city’s entire news team. It’s a uniquely memorable texture laid into this expansive, grooving slice of tech house.


Artist:  Oliver Nickels
Title:  Railtown EP
Label:  Rhombus
Catalog No.:  RMBS008