Wolf + Lamb is pumpin out the jams again this year! This time it is No Regular Play’s Back to You EP. But before we break down into the EP here’s a fun fact about Wolf + Lamb who was started by Zev Eisenberg and Gadi Mizrahi out of New York. Their names in Hebrew translate to Wolf and Lamb and that’s how these two hot cakes named their world renowned label which has progressed into so much more than just record releases.

Back to You is funky, deep, creative and stylish. The track “Back to You” has wobbly synths, a mesmerizing bass line and fresh lyrics. If music were hot, this would be a hot song. “Make You Holla” screams awesome. It has unique musicality that combines deep house sounds with hip hop lyrics and sexy horns which bring in a jazzy hat that tops the track off with perfection. “Give it Up” is fresh nu disco that has lyrics to sing along with and a rhythmically pulsating funk. Taylor Bense’s remix of “Give it Up” adds in some spacey synths and a little melodrama to the track. The whole EP is an idealization of a story about Greg Paulus and Nick Debruyn aka No Regular Play’s adventures through music.


Artist: No Regular Play
Release Date:
Label: Wolf +Lamb
Catalog No.: WLM51

No Regular Play – Back to you


Becky Nutt
Contributing Editor