Today, No.19 Music puts out their first release for 2015 in the form of a VA sampler; featuring 12 tracks from the likes of label regulars and some newcomers to the imprint. The release as a whole is excellent and includes work from Kenny Glasgow, Nitin, Maher Daniel, Guti, Hector, Louie Fresco, Eric Volta & Brohn, Clayton Steele, Baffa & Moreon, Jonathan Lee, Jade and last but not least, Silky and Dadon with vocals from the lovely Cari Golden. If you recognize the name Dadon, it’s because he’s our editor here at MI4L and his collaboration with Silky is the first release he’s had under the moniker. It’s definitely worth mentioning that it’s honestly difficult to pick the standouts on this release. It’s an eclectic grouping of tracks and there seems to be something for everyone in both the deep and tech house realms.



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