A house music duo hailing from Minneapolis Minnesota – Niles Shepard is comprised of Cameron Windsor and Jim Brenk. As both producers & DJs, these energy creators have been moving fast; performing at both EDC and Electric Forest in 2019 after claiming the top prize of Insomniac’s Discovery Project. With releases on Slothacid, Box of Cats, IN/ROTATION, House of Hustle and more; Niles Shepard is on the rise.

Their Interlaker EP is the latest release on Sacha Robotti’s Slothacid – two cuts of glitchy, minimal, tech house. A bonafide vibe.Niles Shepard’s Interlaker EP is the latest release on Sacha Robotti’s Slothacid – two cuts of glitchy, minimal, tech house. A bonafide vibe.

With the EP out now the guys have put together a playlist perfect for A Midwestern Summer on the lake. Good times await!

Lakeside – Fantastic Voyage

Classic funk song by a band whos namesake says it all, this song is sure to get you pumped up for anything ahead of you.

Thievery Corporation – Liberation Front

We find ourselves coming back to this song time and time again. It always leaves us in a good mood and is perfect for a day on the water.

Escort – Cocaine Blues

If the cheeky lyrics don’t get you then the beat sure will, another perfect track to get the party started.

Demuja – Mr. Jazzy Wung

Heating up into house with this one, it’s infectious playful melody makes soaking up the sun even better!

Demuir – High. Alive. And Dirty

A classic and clean house production that is sure to get heads boppin. Sun up or sundown this track always hits.

Josh Butler – Got A Feeling (Pleasurekraft vs Bontan Remix)

If you don’t already know this one, we are very happy to be the people to show it to you.

Viadrina – Spellbound

This song means a lot to us and some of our closest friends, we can’t even go a month without playing it out.

Hot Natured, Anabell Englund – Reverse Skydiving (Shadow Child Remix)

Another epic classic that resonates deeply and puts a big smile on our faces no matter when we hear it.

Super Flu – Senamuun

As the sun starts to set on the lake, it’s time to make your way back in before the mosquitoes get bad. One of the best tracks to pack up a boat to!

Prince – Partyup

Just because the sun went down doesn’t mean that the fun has to stop, an early favorite of ours from Prince’s massive catalog and one that we don’t think gets enough play. Make sure to aloe vera that sunburn because we’re getting back on the lake tomorrow morning!

Niles Shepard – Interlaker is out now on Slothacid