Niconé’s first solo full-length production flows in like waves this Autumn, bringing a spirited selection full of amazing collaborations on Berlin based Stil Vor Talent which housed Niconé & Sascha Braemer’s extended Romantic Thrills album in Fall of 2011.

Title track “Let Love Begin” introduces this 12 turn ride with whispered depth as key songstress Malonda lures us in about halfway through with her full range of vocal beauty.  “Hystermania” dips into straight house territory as abundant keys and delicate highs dance us through a London haze before Narra lends her spicy flare to the Spanish strings and sunny tone of “Candelaria.”

Absolutely love the warmth and depth (and title) of “You Are My Best Meowfucker” whose erraticism is melodically refreshing and beat is sensually dancey, contrasting kindly with “Heroine”- bringing us a smoothly atmospheric soundscape surrounded by reverberating strings and a tranquil beat.

“Burnhain” is a party favorite, swinging the energy up with its infectious groove and revolving loop before frequent collaborater Sascha Braemer helps bring us back down south with quick, sultry instrumentation and soothing Spanish vocals in “Querido” as well as a fresh taste of  classic depth in “Wish U.”

German producer Gunjah has been on our radar since his latest EP on Kattermuke in May, and his and Niconé’s combination with “Arr” is stunningly spacey with melodic subtleties that transport you to a mythical wonderland.  Concluding this flow on an abyss-like emphatic note, “Baderism” is a moody number perfect for the darkroom, leaving a lingering air of mystery on our tongues.

“All I want is the beat…” <3


Artist: Niconé
Title: Let Love Begin
Label: Stil Vor Talent
Release Date: September 27th, 2013
Catalogue #: SVT112