The new album Random Access Memories by favorite electronic music trail-blazers, Daft Punk, has remained a bit of untouched musical composition to those reisting its intense mainstream appeal. However, there is much to be said about the fact the Darkside (renamed Daftside for this project), duo Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington have decided to remix the entire new album and entitled it Random Access Memories Memories for seemingly no other reason than for the sheer joy of doing so. One track sure, two tracks maybe, but the album as a whole? Yeah, sounds like a Nicolas Jaar idea. The newly remixed album can be streamed below. I already appreciate this a bit more than the original as rather than being an album that has a vague nostalgia for what Daft Punk once did, this remix album feels more like an ode to Daft Punk in general. It’s a lot more pleasant to listen to something that is not trying to reinvent the wheel as the original is appearing to do. Ultimately, I guess it’s not Daft Punk’s fault. How could they put out an album at this point in time without the heavy scrutiny.



-Slow aka Jon Dadon