Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, Nico Mendez is speedily carving out his part in dance music. His tunes are chunky and flavorful that instantly activate the dance floor with ferocity — a quality we’re constantly on the hunt for.

This past Valentine’s Day MI4L entered the record label kingdom with an inaugural release from Nico Mendez entitled Dealin. The five track EP features three originals from Nico; including two collabs with young Dutch producer 17 Branches, and two remixes from My Favorite Robot and The Revenge; three tracks of which are featured in Nico’s mix below.

Be on the lookout for MI4L002 featuring option4, Mad Villains, and Maxxi Soundsystem…

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1. Nico Mendez – Dealin (The Revenge Remix)
2. Nico Mendez – Artful Nation (Original Mix)
3. Nico Mendez & 17 Branches – Children Of House (Original Mix)
4. Mark Henning – Last Night (Original Mix)
5. Jesse Rose – Love That Feeling High (Dick Johnston Re-Edit)
6. Lars Moston – High There (Original Mix)
7. Prompt – Light The Fuse (Original Mix)
8. Walter Ego – Grab Somebody (Original Mix)
9. Super Flu – Lyla Sucks Lemon (Original Mix)
10. Nico Mendez – Dealin (Original Mix)





– jams
Jimbo James