[News] This morning, I read a sad twitter message from ResidentAdvisor.net, announcing that Made Events, the team responsible for the famed “Sunday School” party, will not be hosting their iconic event this year. For many of us, “Sunday School”, formerly known as “Sunday School for Degenerates”, was the celebratory end to a long week of partying and music. Below is the official statement made by Made Events:

We’ve been very fortunate to be able to support many amazing artists over the last 6 years at Sunday School in Miami. From the first few years at Pawn Shop, the 24-hour party

morphed into a global techno mecca at Ice Palace for our 36-hour marathons. However, we won’t be hosting Sunday School in Miami this year as we continue to focus our efforts on the Electric Zoo Festival in New York.


Sad news huh? Well, I think the void created by the absence of “Sunday School” will be quickly filled by another party attempting to bring the same vibe and energy to the underground music lovers. Rumors are already spreading about parties that are looking to resume where “Sunday School” left off. There is no word yet as to whether Made Events will be returning with their party next year, but as for now, school is out for Miami this year.