[New Release]  Since its inception in October of last year, Your Mama’s Friends Records has been releasing quality house music from the likes of some of today’s top producers.  This time they call up one of their former release, Viadrina, to bring us that deep sultry sound that we come to love.  With remixes from Adana Twins and label head Marcin Czubula, you know this record is going to be fire.

The title song, ‘Pop Song,’ is a pure dance floor monster. With its deep grooves, heavy bass, and emotive vocals this song is a smooth sensation.  Adana Twins take their own twist on the title track with an incredible synth pop remix.  The other original off the EP, ‘Tomorrow’ is another banger.  With a huge building bass line, luscious melody, and intoxicating vocals, this track is one to lose yourself in. On the final track, Marcin adds his own silky style to ‘Tomorrow’ by layering the drums, speeding it up a bit, and adding his own delicious melody.

Overall this records is class from start to finish; a real heater through and through. I definitely see myself going back to this record time and time again when I want to play something that will rock the crowd.


Artist:  Viadrina
Title:  Pop Song EP
Label:  Your Mama’s Friends
Catalog No.:  YMF05


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