[New Release] To celebrate the first 18 months of the label, Pets Recordings owners Greg & Voitek aka Catz n Dogz release an astonishing new compilation, “Friends Will Carry You Home”. Since its inception in 2010, Pets Recordings has rapidly built a reputation for its wonderfully unique and creative releases. The “Friends Will Carry You Home” compilation features all exclusive original content spread over three EPs, with part 1 being digital and part 2 being vinyl. Part 1 features five tracks from Coat of Arms, Death on the Balcony, Catz n Dogz & SLG, Eltron John and The Phantom. Congratulations to Pets Recordings, probably one of the most consistently good labels in the scene today.




V.A “Friends Will Carry You Home” Part.1 by pets_recordings

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