[New Release] ‘Make It Good’ … baby, good is an understatement. The Life And Death label has taken Fink’s original from 2007 and resurrected it 5 years later to make it gratifying. This debut EP from Life and Death founder and co-conspirator Tennis is a testament to the hard working ethos and dedicated artistic force that is behind everything done in the Life and Death name. Deceptively simple is one of the hardest heights a song can aspire to and yet this ep sounds as if it was almost sliced ready-made from the fabric of reality, so deep and so clear is its message. A lovesong sung to an idea, a serenade to an intangible concept that comes out sounding as simple as a mantra but clearly contains much more than just a quick listen reveals. (Absolutely Beautiful Description at Beatport) From Tennis’ original mix, to a tech spin by Ryan Elliott, to a deep dub by Larry Heard, to my favorite interpretation by the sexy italian Lovelifers Tale Of Us  … it’s so much more than good … it’s majestic. If you were a fan of Fink back in the day, give this a chance and go deeper dear lovers.






(Below is the Original ‘Make It Good’ by Fink)

Fink – Make it good 


Artist: Tennis
Label: Life And Death
Catalog: LAD005
Release Date: April 23

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