Chris Veron‘s newest single, “Cliffhanger”, has just come out on the Brazilian label Kaligo Records. Known for its relevance in the ‘cosmic techno’ industry, Melgazzo‘s label grew in the midst of the pandemic and put out 52 releases in total; in addition, it is currently the Brazilian label that sells the most on Beatport Techno (Peak Time) category.

What to expect from this “collaboration” of big names? “Cliffhanger” is a song with strong and expressive kicks, a bass line with deep timbres, dark ambiance and a hypnotic vocal. It’s the right recipe for a good dance floor sound, and it’s already being tried and approved at Veron’s gigs across Germany.

Chris is an experienced DJ, who has resided for over 10 years at the German club Drifter’s and according to Beatport, one of the 30 best-selling techno producers on the platform. His music is described (by himself) as cosmic techno, with melodic grooves and darker elements — that’s what made him get support from big names like Amelie Lens, Adam Beyer and Cosmic Boys.

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Written by Laura Stetner