[New Release]  ‘She wakes from sleep, deep from Ambien treats, not from hot wet drops from Columbian beads…’ Thirty seconds in and I’m already hooked, finding myself wishing I indeed was waking from an Ambien sleep just so I could find myself immersed in the hazy trip this song eludes to. This newest release from Superhero, the sublime collaboration between Leon and Toky, is addicting. The beat, the voice, the lyrics – it all fits the deep, dark and entrancing style of Noir Music. With a banger dance floor remix by Pirupa and the dreamy beautiful ‘Its Not For You’, this EP will leave you fiending for more.  ‘Yo man don’t wanna fall, yo man don’t wanna fall back into life, don’t fall, don’t crawl, just rock n’ roll and choose your few, cause the drugs I use, feed my fuse, let’s replace the waste with waste that’s food….’ It’s tracks like this that feed our fuse. Music IS the drug. Let it take you higher…




Artist: Superhero
Label: Noir Music
Catalog: NMB040