[New Release] In an industry that sees labels and artists popping up out of every corner, it can be easy to miss something worthy of being heard by the world.  So, I feel lucky and glad to have come across L.A. based Steve Huerta‘s debut EP, Take Me Closer. Only the fifth release on burgeoning imprint Amadeus Records, Huerta’s work on this release could easily be the one to make a name for both artist and label.

Closer opens up with title track “Take Me Closer.” As a foundation for the song, and the record as a whole, Huerta lays down a toned down take on the old school jack beats so popular as of late. However, what separates this sound from the crowd are the layers Huerta adds to the mix. A combination of dual spreading synths and spontaneously layered vocal stabs give the song a light dance feel perfect for summer.

Following “Closer,” Huerta drops a more melancholic groove with “Real (Like This).” A wavering synth blankets the track while subtle piano chords and droplets of sound hang out in the background. The music almost calls for a soft, female vocal but Huerta opts instead for a one line sample from Grand Puba’s mid ’90’s hip hop classic, “I Like It,” keeping it in line with the old-school undertone of the record. It’s details like these that jump a song from good to great.

“So Alone,” the records last original track, gets deep and dark. While ears are focused on the haunting layers of synth chords and delayed vocal work, a very low-end, intense bass line creeps up out of seemingly nowhere, adding to the ominous vibe of the production.

Urulu, another L.A. based up and comer, re-works the title track for his ‘Too Close’ mix. Though he makes the jack beats clearer, the rest of the song delves into deeper territory. A dark bass line combined with a “monotonous piano key stab” give Urulu’s version a definite after-hours feel.

Take Me Closer, along with Urulu’s own forthcoming release Sincerely ’91, is an excellent record, showcasing the talent coming out of the Los Angeles area. If both these artists continue putting out releases this good, they may very well be destined for the top.


Artist Name: Steve Huerta
Title: Take Me Closer
Record Label; Amadeus Records
Release Date: July 31
Catalog Number: AMA005