Other than the track, the release featured a special music video.

By Sofister

Presenting a sophisticated work and with swing, the single “Planeta Bleu”, released in may 20th by Sterium, carries striking grooves and lots of melody. To complement the release, Coletivo Hood was responsible for the production of the video clip, which has a unic style.

In an original way, Sterium continues to lead each new work. This time he brought together references of instrumental and percussive sounds, ranging in style from minimal to tech house. The rhythm of “Planeta Bleu” gets stronger as new elements are added, such as samples and synthesizers, creating disconcerting moments and explosive timbres. Through the loops of the song, words in French are spoken going very well with the aesthetics of the music video.

Produced independently, every detail has been thought through with attention, from the construction of the catchy melody to its interesting music video.

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