[New Release] The Lab, NRK’s mix series devoted to the world’s most cutting edge DJs and forward thinking sounds, returns this Autumn with an installment compiled and mixed by undoubtedly one of the scene’s most talented, charismatic and brightest stars, Seth Troxler. This release can be purchased as either a continuous mix, or as a dj friendly compilation with all 24 tracks included from his mix. Make sure to read the rest of this post as it includes what Seth has to say about the mix and a track listing.




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What does Seth have to say about his mix? Check out more below..


“When I was asked to do this mix, it was a huge honor for me. To be involved in a mix series presented by such an iconic label as NRK, witch has previously featured two of the best DJs of our time, Dice and Steve Bug, I felt a great amount of pressure to deliver something different. My interpretation of the concept behind the Lab series was to present ideas like a scientist working in some secret base off the cost of Myanmar…. when night talk with spider monkeys has just gone too far, what do you do, what’s there left to do? Delivering a mix compilation is very different to mixing in a club or doing a podcast. It’s about making something that will stand the test of time, something that doesn’t feature all the current hits, so won’t feel dated a month after its release. Only time will tell whether I’ve managed to achieve this. I recorded this mix live using just decks and mixer (no Ableton) in my friend’s bedroom, which for many DJs is their very own domestic lab. Disc One for me is somewhat of a straightforward mix of contemporary and classic house, a summary of my style, a little clip from this point in time, what I’m know for and how I tend to present ideas when I’m touring. For Disc Two I really wanted to showcase my interest in the wider landscape of electronic music outside of what I do in a club,. It’s what excites me, what I want to hear if I lock myself away in a cold dark room, picking at the recesses of my mind, flashback of lystergic experiences echoing through my subconscious and the deeper recesses of my mind. I’m a freak and I’m a man who doesn’t like to compromise. I take the approach that I am what I am, take it or leave it. I think this mix embodies that idea, not Ableton-perfect, a little rough around the edges but interesting and human. With that in mind, please step into my Lab from another dimension, and with voyeuristic intention where madness has taken it toll. Listen closely and just be sure to keep control.”


Track Listing:

CD01/01. Hatikvah – Big Mind
CD01/02. Bearweasel – Button Down The Moose (Echologist Dub)
CD01/03. David Alvarado – Beautification
CD01/04. Lindstrom Vs Mungolian Jetset – A Blast Of Loser (9406 Version)
CD01/05. Hati Munetsi – Ceremony (African Mix)
CD01/06. Tommy Bones – After The Club
CD01/07. Home & Garden – Themes Of Yesterday
CD01/08. Dinky – Polvo
CD01/09. Soul Capsule – Lady Science (NYC Sunrise)
CD01/10. DBX – City On The Edge Of Forever
CD01/11. Daze Maxim – Tomorrow Universe
CD01/12. Deepak Sharma & Dieter Krause – Wolkenreise (DJ Qu Remix)
CD01/13. David Durango – Mosaic
CD01/14. Vernon Bara & Igor Vicente – Don’t Feel No Way
CD01/15. DeWalta – Farina
CD01/16. Masomenos – Sunsun

CD02/01. POD – Rozetta Says Bad Shit
CD02/02. Ark – Arkuarium
CD02/03. Exercise One – Prowl
CD02/04. Chaim feat. Meital De Razon – Alive (Deniz Kurtel Remix)
CD02/05. Ric Y Martin – Teiwass
CD02/06. Oni Ayhun – OAR001-A
CD02/07. Crosson & Merveille – No Hastel
CD02/08. Und – Rodeo
CD02/09. Dinky – This Is Your Heart
CD02/10. Dntel – Dreams (Lawrence Mix 02)
CD02/11. WestBoy – S L I V A (Chaim Remix)
CD02/12. Daniel Bortz & Sascha Sibler – Fantasy
CD02/13. Superpitcher – White Lightning
CD02/14. Radioactive Man – Fed-Ex To Munchen (Andrew Weatherall Version Edit)
CD02/15. Dinky – Time To Lose It