[New Release] Okain is a French DJ/Producer that has been in the game well over a decade, and his experience shows in this incredibly nuanced deep house EP, O’Clock. Tsuba boasts a roster of some of the best in deep house and tech, such as Subb-an, Huxley, and Tazz, and Okain has certainly earned his spot with the top tier.

The entire release is deeply moving, physically and emotionally, the highlight being Okain’s No Strings Dub. The hi hats are sharp and satisfying, pushing the track forward, and the disco dancer with it.  Gerd’s remix is a much more techy take on the original and this harder feel is a particularly choice selection for the dance floor.  The final track, “Alone in the Dark,” is significantly slower than the title track but its hypnotic and entrancing melody compliment the release perfectly.


Artist: Okain
Label: Tsuba
Catalog No.: TSUBA059



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