[New Release] Here come a slew of remixes of Nitin’s slow and steady Latenightlife EP released by My Favorite Robot Records almost a year ago. These new takes are hot for the dancefloor, freshening up the originals’ grooves. You can imagine the kick in Brett Johnson’s For Steppers Only Remix of “The Nine In One” ushering a party into the prime-time dance hours, its beat livening up party-goers’ feet. Anthony Collins heavily deepens “Blink Twice” but re-energizes it with the light, untouched e-piano and 80s-like pop percussion groove. Its flyaway breaks and fluttery accents make it an excellent intro to a heavy-hitting track. If you’re really looking to get moving, the gem of this release is Subb-An’s remix of “The Nine In One.” Single vocal sample, bass, repetitive but innovative, miscellaneous elemental reverbs, and that low kick—the groove is truly addictive.


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Nitin is also an Air London artist and will be playing at their upcoming party for WMC/MMW  at the Electric Pickle. Check it here to get your feet movin’ in hothotsexy Miami, disco dancers!