Written by Maria Angélica Parmigiani

One of the undeniable features of the new Minimal generation is their fine-sounding to the ears. It’s not a reverie, there’re studies that explain some ‘’whys and hows’’ of these effects, and could also explain why the cleanest feature has been growing again in a significant way inside Techno and House, calling enthusiasts more and more.

Following this line of thought, at the end of 2020, Matheus Bruch and Guilherme Custodio founded the Neuter Records to increase power precisely in this musical sphere. Most recent step brings out the duo Oddiez to the Flutter EP in three tracks and one remix, all of these in a brainfeeder style. The Rowan & Bessone duo is the signer of the title-track rework. The presentation shows cleaner and atmospheric sounds, with well-applied stimulus that make the sound journey very interesting. Check it out! 

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