The Israeli artist stands out in the electronic scene worldwide, and now, he is back with another electrifying release by the Brazilian label.

By Nicolle Prado

The Middle East, each time, is being discovered as a Dance Music talents’ factory, especially Tel Aviv, an Israeli city that splurges nightlife and a powerful electronic scene. Born in this artistic cradle, Shai T is one of the names that well represents all this region’s power. The artist has an ascending career, popping up in the world’s top five of Organic House in 2020 and 2021.  

Technique, talent, and dedication have taken Shai T to high flights, to be more specific, reaching the #1 position on Beatport is already commonplace for him, who in the last year has taken four releases to the top. And he’s now ready to increase that number with another amazing release. 

Oriki” hits the platforms this Friday (26), but has already caused great anticipation. Signed by Warung Recordings, one of the leading Brazilian electronic music labels, the release features two tracks. The original by Shai T, has an electrifying rhythm, perfect to shine on the dancefloors, and it doesn’t stop there, Hernan Cattaneo and Marcelo Vasami collaborate with another remix, adding even more energy to the Israeli’s powerful melodic lines.