[New Release] Russian producer Max Belobrov gets it so right with his latest EP on Sleazy Deep.  Each track is a deeper, darker progression of the last, with remixes by No Artificial Colors and Max Chapman keeping in line with the mood but dictating a new mode of delivery.


Essentially, this releases is a world away from a lot of the other deep house currently in circulation.  Industrial-sounding elements and stacked synths that are uncommon for the genre coalesce into a late night sound that is definitively Belobrov. His previous release, Backstage, also boasted signature stand out tracks but Magic Walk is an obvious refinement for Belobrov’s distinctiveness.  Haunting yet sensual, Magic Walk is a must hear, must play, especially for you disco dancers that make it deep into the night.


Artist: Max Belobrov
Label: Sleazy Deep
Catalog No.: SLEAZY005