[New Release] This beautiful new release from Seth Troxler‘s meteorically rising label, Visionquest, adds a whole new twist to the label’s distinctive sounds.  Although staying consistant with the deep and feel-good vibes, this EP deviates in its unique dreaminess.  Even the first track, appropriately named “Warehouse Fool,” is uplifting and other-worldly despite its deathly dark and pulsating sounds–the faintest echoing elements and spacey vocals penetrating through the bass kick. “New Funk” is slightly more standard and less dreamy, but the deep and driving bassline stays true to the Visionquest sound that can’t really go wrong on the dancefloor. If you’re going late into the AM or just slipping into the night, “Flip Reverse Girl” is a slow, deep house jam with dirty vocals that’ll “turn you inside out.” Show off your sexiest, slow dance moves to this one disco dancers!


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Artist: Matthew Burton and Kate Rathod
The Flip Side EP
Catalog No:
Release Date: March 5th, 2012