[New Release]  Nurvous Records are continuing their trend of releasing banger after banger, week after week.  2012 has seen them release some dance floor classics already and one thing you can count on is that if it is coming out on Nurvous, you know it’s gonna be one hell of a track.  This time they call to the likes of Matt Fear with a little help from Kreature.  These two heavy-hitting rising stars join forces to create the Too Long EP, which is truly a quality work from start to finish.

The title track ‘Too Long’ is a dance floor monster.  With its sexy engaging vocals, retro synths, and its heavy bass line, this jam might just become a summer staple, and you can expect to hear many DJs drop it when they want to see their audience go wild.  The next track, ‘Sniper,’ is  another heavy hitting track with an even more vivacious bass.  On the next two tracks, Kreature adds a little of his gusto to the already animated sound that Fear has created.  The third track, titled ‘One Breath,’ has a savage bass line, baleful vocals, and grim feel and this track is sure to take you deep into darkness.  The final track, so nicely called ‘The Lat Song,’ is a great wrap up to an already incredible EP.  Still bringing that abysmal and cryptic bass, this track has a nice mystic feel to it which tends to wind you down a bit after all the heaviness that came before it.

Overall this whole EP is marvelous.  Every song from start to finish is a dance floor sensation and the only problem with the EP is its addictive nature; I’d play every track off it and not switch it up.  Anytime a release comes out from Nurvous we look forward to it and this one is just a testimony to the quality that is Nurvous Records.


Artist: Matt Fear

Title: Too Long EP

Label: Nurvous Records

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