[New Release] Manuel Tur releases his Back to Me EP on Freerange Records as a precursor to his forthcoming album Swans Reflecting Elephants, out April 23rd.  The hollow percussion groove and naked electric piano are bountifully filled by a warm synth and saddened melodic bassline that, along with a spacey female vocal sample, coalesce into an imbuing, breathing work on the first track, “Back to Me.”  Jimpster remixes, deepening and energizing the bass, cooling the synth and adding more frequent, echoing elements to vitalize the title track’s movement. This new, invigorated pace sets the tone for the rest of the release, as “Obsidian” and Damiano von Erckerts Raw Dance Mix of that track finish the work off with an impressive intensity.  The Raw Dance Mix is indeed raw–stripped back and with a much more engaged percussive line than the other tracks, which breath and open up significantly, will fervently penetrate a disco-dancer’s technosoul. Pure and simple a beautiful and moving release, add this one to your collection and be moved disco dancers.
Manuel Tur – Back To Me [Freerange] (96Kbps) by Freerange Records


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Artist: Manuel Tur
Label: Freerange Records
Catalog: FRD160

Also, if you happen to be in London, check out the Swans Reflecting Elephants release party on May 4th featuring Manuel Tur, Jimpster, Matt Masters,  Norm de Plume and Franklin.