[New Release]  SinQ Records is one up and coming label that is setting trends and paving the way for deep, dark, bass-heavy house music.  With their latest release they call to the likes of rising star Jobe, who delivers with this melodic, beefy, abysmal, and tenebrous EP.  The Revolution EP is Jobe‘s first solo release for SinQ and this one is sure to heat things up.

“Everybody,” the first track off the EP, is a pure dance floor monster.  With its booming drums and slow, heavy, melodic bass line, this beast will surely bust a few subs and blow a few speakers.  Jobe doesn’t let up on the dark or the deep with his second track “Revolution is Here.”  Using a nice vocal sample from the rapper Common and adding another very provocative, loaded bass line with a hard hitting drum track to accompany it.  “Titan”  with its spacey, ghetto-disco funk feel  is another prime example of the sound that Jobe has created.  The final track is a great remix of “Everybody” with a nice techy, acid house feel supplied by another up and coming producer, Beep Dee.

With this EP, Jobe is proving that his unique sound will be keeping him around for a long time.




Artist:  Jobe
Title:  Revolution EP
Label:  SinQ Records
Catalog No.:  SQ1011


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