Singer-songwriter Jasmine Canales has a Long Beach edge that comes out in her particular flair of south coast indie-pop with a hint of sultry jazz. Growing up in a musical household of 7 kids where every single member was a performer, Jasmine rose to the occasion as the baby of the family and was singing and writing in bands by the time she was in high school. She cut her teeth as the lead singer of the house-band at Long Beach’s iconic first Friday party Fight Club for five years, a mainstay of the LBC music scene, before branching out to pursue solo-songwriting.

Raw, authentic, and unapologetically herself, Jasmine channels her soulful sound into hazy, melodic songs with consistently surprising hooks and heady undertones. All of her music comes from a deeply spiritual place, part of a greater mission to shine her light where she can through moody sonic tapestries with luscious pop progressions. “Every one of the songs I write is about personal experiences, written in real time, she explains, “I draw melodies from energy and don’t compare myself to, or sound like anyone else.”

Jasmine’s fresh single “Burn” is her own twist on the 80’s craze the 2020’s can’t seem to get enough of. With a tropical, ebullient feel that’s still melancholy, it’s as if the track were made for dancing alone in the dark. “Making music is like breathing – I just have to do it!” she says, which means there’s always another tune in her head and heart trying to work it’s way out. The track was co-produced & mixed by Kelsey González of The Free Nationals and Matty Chirch of BVRLY. Kelsey, her most trusted collaborator of the last 10 years, also produced the other songs from her upcoming EP and previous work.

Burn’s official music video is out October 29th!

Turn it up & enjoy!