After making his mau5trap debut earlier this year with “Shadows In The Dark,” techno-talent HNTR pins a second release on to the label with “Searching for Self” featuring Tribe Alexander. HNTR has previously opened for label head deadmau5 in their native Canada, and this followup mau5trap single further solidifies HNTR’s future with the imprint.

“Searching for Self” is an expansive 7-minute journey showcasing HNTR’s signature etch on techno-inspired progressive house. The track’s catalyzing synth chords and arpeggios build over rolling bass notes to form a cohesive bond with Tribe Alexander’s hypnotizing vocal hook. The sweeping tempo cradles Tribe’s low end vocals, suspending the listener in HNTR’s spellbound quest through the void and search for self.

“My buddy Tribe sent me about 12 vocal demos, this was the second one I listened to and I was instantly hooked by the entrancing repetition of the vocal. It grabbed me and spoke to me instantly, I wanted to try to use that same feeling in the production to help amplify that feeling of searching for something.”

‘Searching For Self’ is out now via mau5trap.

Turn it up & enjoy!