[New Compilation] Coming at you just in time for an overcast weekend, a definitively grey [09] day in springtime, when your mind is in ample daydream mode and nurturing its anticipation of summer, Freerange Records compiles their best releases of the last 12 months, along with several exclusive, new tracks.  Their 9th year releasing a Grey compilation, the label features some seriously melodic, but beautifully minimal, tracks by some of the best in “dreamland” house–Andre Loddeman, Jimpster, Lovebirds (an Axel Boman mix). Let the airiness of these tracks take you to a world beyond open eyes but be propelled on your feet by the grounding depth of the bass notes. If you feel yourself diminishing into the canals of a wonderland, don’t worry disco dancers, there is plenty here to regain classic, four-to-the-floor consciousness.

Listen to all the tracks and buy the compilation HERE
01 Mic Newman – The Fidelity
03 Arithmetics – Time
04 Alexkid – Class of 95
05 bassfort – Last Night
06 Jimpster – Late Night Blues
07 Andre Lodemann – Together
08 Milton Jackson – DSI
09 Manuel Tur – Most of this Manuel (Isolee remix)
9. Lovebirds – Keep Coming (Axel Boman Mix 2)
10 Bas Amro – Ten
11 Himan – Empty Pocket
12 Kyodai – Mi Rumba (Genius of Time Remix)