“Togo” and “Terena” where remixed by Andy Arias and Felipe Novaes

Based in the Northeast region of Brazil, the label Not Another has been releasing for almost 7 years the sounds of Latin American talents around progressive house and melodic house and techno, even before the consolidation of these genres as the flagships of the underground world. Among their most recent releases is the EP Togo, by DJ and producer FMENEZS.

Togo EP is a pleasant journey between ethnic elements that put in our mind a few aspects from the African culture and from the indigenous peoples of pre-Columbian America. Two of its three original tracks, “Terena” and “Togo”, have just been remixed by Felipe Novaes — from Recife, the same hometown as FMENEZS and Not Another — and by Argentine Andy Arias, respectively.

The impeccable work of these artists in this project comes from the effort of each one to propose a more hypnotic musical base to the nomadic beats of the original EP. On one side, Felipe Novaes bringing a powerful synth progression, on the other Andy Arias inserting robotic glitches and strong percussiveness. This is worth listening to:

You can find Not Another, FMENEZS, Felipe Novaes and Andy Arias on Instagram.

Written by Rodrigo Airaf