The DJ and producer is part of electronic music community in Rio de Janeiro

From the alternative Rio de Janeiro scene comes the multidisciplinary producer Jose Hesse a.k.a. Kinkid. Known for his solid work in different areas of electronic music and for the use of unusual pseudonyms, the artist allows himself to gravitate in a variety of aspects worthy of a born researcher; Noise, Ambient, Techno, Breakbeat, House, Indie and Brazilian Funk.

Have you ever thought about owning a unique and exclusive track? Recently released by DSRPTV Rec, “Funk Doce”, a single by artist Kinkid, will make that dream possible. NFT’s are revolutionizing the art market and music could not be left out, it allows artists and interested in the field to be able to sell digital works within Blockchain technology, with a mind focused on progress, DSRPTV innovates and invites us to integrate the new reality of the digital market and have the exclusive track “Funk Doce” to call your own.


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by Mia Lunis