[New Release] We’ve been ser-i-ous-ly loving our Mexican neighbors and the exorbitant amount of ecstatic music that has been migrating North to elevate our energies. Nëim Records based in Guadalajara bring us a prime quality forthcoming from Tijuana local Cesar Coronado. The forthcoming features four tracks kicking off with the titled ‘Someone to care’ … and baby, I DO CARE! While the title track and accompanying remix by Amine Edge are blissful, it’s ‘Good, Bad, Happy & Sad’ that really has me hooked. The nostalgic vocals and mysterious beats seem oddly familiar and transport me to the the never ending party in mind, filled with hazy memories of deep, seductive nights. Oddly familiar, yet distinctly new, the Balcazar remix fires in me the fantasy to get lost in this dreamy dark track on the dance floor. Para mis amores…

Artist: Cesar Coronado
Label:  Nëim Records
Catalog: Neim015
Release Date: March 14