Besides the 6 tracks, the work comes with remixes by Tha_Guts and Spookyfish

by Maria Angélica Parmigiani

Palma Dulce is the artistic project of the young producer Clayton Borges, born in the Cerrado, in the heart of Brazil, which gives life to Sintoma, the new album presented by Tropical Twista Records. With 6 tracks and 2 remixes signed by the Brazilian Tha_Guts and the Canadian Spookyfish, the LP honors the slow-burning lines of Downtempo and also a kind of  slow-House with beautiful ambiences.

The artist, label’s resident, delivers a personal/artistic work which reveals, through complex sounds, his experience during the pandemic process, the most severe social isolation and the impact on his mental health. Other than that, brings light on his struggle with amphetamine addiction. With many soulful layers, the compilation reveals in its musicality a one-way ticket to the inside. The artist ends with a deep reflection:

“The transformations are so fast I can’t keep up. Is my suffering a virtue or a symptom of my relationship with the world?”

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