Tracks with infectious vibe, mixes with smooth vocals in energetic melodies and frenetic African rhythms are uniquely brought out in Boddhi Satva’s latest album: Manifestation. After years of working on a new project, the anticipation for a new album by the artist was high. With a double disc of 31 songs and about 2 hours long, Manifestation hit all platforms on June 17th, presenting a new concept for dance music, something that only someone like Boddhi Satva is capable of.

Considered the father of Ancestral Soul, Satva was born in the Central African Republic and from the beginning of his career, the influence of African rhythms and electronic beats was present in his productions, extolling the rich culture of his origins. This was one of the characteristics that made him reach the world in recent decades.

Boddhi lived for 17 years in Brussels, Belgium, and for the last six years he has been living in Lisbon, Portugal. In addition, he went through several countries, getting inspired and getting to know new sounds, so his productions grew and included more cultural references. In “Manifestation”, more than 40 artists participate. With such a wide range of collaborations, it was to be expected that the album would unite different rhythms and genres, providing a unique experience, mixing concepts, ethnicities and sounds of house, hip hop, R&B, Soul, Trap and Caribbean rhythms.