[New Release] Atapy releases his ‘Move Me EP’ out today! Cimelde Records goes analog on this one. Simple elemental house with probably one of the smartest loop arrangements of Atapy’s productions. The Mood Goes gradually in every track unraveling his slinky potential, sketching beat by beat an electric canvas.

In these difficult musical times, finding well standed tracks are a rare comodity and its been our goal from the begining to establish something different. Move Baby might sound typical as a headline but it hides a four track sampler that needs your attention.

*Support from : Richie Hawtin, M.A.N.D.Y., Paco Osuna, Someone Else, Tim Green, Javi Bora, Anthony Pappa, Tom Budden, Claude Von Stroke, Pascal Rueck, Helmut Dubnitzky, iO, Onno, Cur.l, Ekkohaus, Sebastian Oscilla, Sasch BBC, Simon Beeston, Marco Effe, Nico Lahs, Pirupa, Mirco Violi, Andrew Grant, Darkrow and many others…

Move Baby EP by Atapy



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