[New Release] There’s a few feelings in life that are untouchable. Getting married is one. Having children is another. Finally getting your hands on a track that you heard almost a year ago is definitely another one. After debuting their track “Touch You Gently” at Get Lost Miami 2011, Art Department and Crosstown Rebels have finally gave us what we’ve all been waiting for.

Clocking in at 10 and a half minutes, “Touch You Gently” is the epitome of a slow burning groove, with a typical Art Department style bassline, and not much else but a clap with some reverb. The true fun with this track starts when the spaced out rhodes come in, the stark contrast doing everything to compliment Kenny’s layered voice quite nicely. It seems cliche to say this, but this is definitely one of those tracks that not everyone will appreciate on the first listen, but one that will be on repeat for a while. The Brennan Green version of of “Tell Me Why” is definitely not an afterthought here either. The barrage of many different sounds is very early 90s in feel, and most definitely in a good way. Decidedly different from a lot of the stuff usually put out by Crosstown, the B side is refreshing and melodic all at once.






– Slice