[New Release] This unlikely collaboration of talent might seem as hard to swallow as a handful of saltine crackers, but in fact, this release is quite palatable. A transcontinental meeting of the minds – with Kate in Chicago and Anthony in Paris – the pair had to overcome the trials and tribulations that distance and artistic differences afford in the making of these tracks. But make no mistake, the duo fell into their own unique driving rhythm and their tracks ‘Sit Back’ feat. Brothers’ Vibe and ‘Run & Tell’ embody traditional house with techno progressions. The latest release from Guy Gerber‘s Supplement Facts, ‘Sit Back’ EP is sure to ride the coattails of the label’s increasing notoriety straight onto the dance floor.



Kate Simko & Anthony Collins – Sit Back feat. Brothers Vibe by Kate Simko 


Kate Simko & Anthony Collins – Run & Tell (Original Mix) by SummersRadio™