[New Release]  Culprit are defining a sound, a style, and a whole general attitude towards dance music, not only in Los Angelels, but internationally.  With their amazing rooftop parties and super hot record label, they seem to be the trend setters for many others out there.  This is proven again with their new release Dance With The White Rabbit by Ahmet Sisman.  Just like the title, this record is a fairytale of everything great about Culprit as they bring us further down the rabbit hole into what their label is all about. This time they call to the likes of Audiofly and Nico Lahs to help us on our journey.

The title track, ‘Dance With The White Rabbit,’ is something a little different than we would expect from Culprit.  Leaning away from their more deep, tech, and dark sound, Ahmet’s track seems to be in a more progressive style with its spacey sounds and jumpy synths.  This is a great track and I see many DJs from Sasha to Guy Gerber to Maceo Plex throwing this one in their set.  Up next, we get an incredible remix from Nico Lahs.  Nico goes super deep with this one adding his own new melodies and a funky bass line;  this track is truly sublime.  The third track off this EP, another original from Ahmet, ‘Hello To Alice,’ sums up everything that is Culprit.  This track has to be my favorite off the album,  with its huge synth, dark ambience, sneaky vocals and overall amazing atmosphere, this song is sure to be huge success.  Finally we get audiofly’s take on the title track. With its spacey ominous feel, this stellar remix is a perfect ending to a marvelous album.

Overall this is astonishing album.  Culprit keeps delivering quality tunes that are more than great music to get your groove on to, but also to just kick back, listen, and enjoy.  They truly are on the forefront of the dance music scene and we always look forward to what they have to release!


Artist:  Ahmet Sisman
Title:  Dance With The White Rabbit
Label:  Culprit
Catalog No.:  CP025


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