[New Release]  One label that has clearly put its stamp on 2011 and 2012 is Diynamic.  With a plethora of marvelous releases and still riding the high from their latest 5 yr compilation, we get this wonder of an EP from Adriatique.  Diynamic’s sound has been very prevalent in many DJ’s sets and Bodymovin EP is just another great addition to anyone’s collection.

The first track off the EP, ‘Deeper Love,’ is a charismatically deep track with a wonderfully uplifting feeling which still brings you deep into the world that is Adriatique.  ‘By Your Side’ is the total day time jam to pick you up and get you a-grooving with its catchy melody, slamming drum track, and overall feel good quality.  Adriatique slow it down a bit with the track ‘Motions’, but still remains true to his deep sound and follows suite by producing the quintessential Diynamic track.  Finally we get the title track ‘Bodymovin’ which is a sexy and funky track that gets your does what the title says and gets your body moving, a perfect title for the song.

Overall this record is a great release for both Adriatique and Diynamic.  Diynamic shows us once again that they have found a great nitch in this whole deep sound and are showing other labels how to release an EP that is pure class from start to finish.  Adriatique demonstrates that he can stray away from his darker side and continue producing incredible music with a lighter touch.  As always, I look forward to anything from Diynamic and you know if Adriatique is on the track its going to be good.




Artist:  Adriatique
Title:  Bodymovin EP
Label:  Diynamic
Catalog No.:  DIYNAMIC059


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